About Us

Smudge and Michael enjoying one too many wines.


Shoezels is a small online shoe store started by a couple of old farts who had nothing better to do with their time. Michael and Smudge (the aforementioned old farts) were looking at the shoes generally available online and decided that most of them were boring and said nothing about the people wearing them. 

We decided to shake things up a bit and give footwear pizzazz and personality. Giving people beautiful custom made casual footwear that they love to wear. All the while maintaining our vision to positively impact the lives of our customers, and ensure that our high quality shoes are environmentally sustainable and cruelty free. 

Every day we thank people like yourselves, who are the source of our inspiration and the reason we strive for a better world. We love you guys. Thank you for being the nicest customers we could wish for.