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Janis - Urban Boots (Limited Edition)

Janis - Urban Boots (Limited Edition)

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Janis Joplin was known for her soulful and powerful voice, which blended blues, rock, folk, and gospel into a unique style that inspired many musicians and fans. She sang with raw emotion and honesty, often expressing her pain, longing, and joy in her lyrics and performances.

Joplin was also a trailblazer for women in music, especially in the male-dominated genre of blues-rock. She challenged gender norms and stereotypes, defying expectations of what a female singer could look and sound like. Joplin's self-expression and liberation paved the way for other women artists to follow in her footsteps, from Pink to Stevie Nicks.

These LIMITED EDITION boots are strictly limited to 100 pairs of each size. Once they have sold out, they will no longer be available for sale anywhere in the world. Sold strictly on a first come first served basis. 

Thank you, Janis Joplin, for your incredible talent, courage, and spirit. Your legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world. Rest in peace.

All of our Leather Boots are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards.

  • Features vegan-friendly leather with a double-sided print and rounded toe construction.
  • Lace-up closure for a snug fit.
  • Soft textile lining with sturdy construction for maximum comfort.
  • High-quality rubber outsole for traction and exceptional durability.

Please allow 7-9 days to receive a tracking number while your order is hand-crafted, packaged and shipped from our facility. Estimated shipping time is 2-4 weeks.

Let's Be Kind To The Planet.

We custom make every pair of Shoezels individually for you when you order. This allows us to ensure the greatest possible quality, while reducing the impact on the environment by not manufacturing and stocking unsold Shoezels. We also plant 2 trees for every Shoezel that you purchase today. This further helps to reduce our impact on the planet.

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