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As a member of the Shoezels VIP Loyalty Program, you're not just a customer, you're part of our family.

This program is our way of saying thank you and ensuring that your experiences with us are always extraordinary.

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  • Tennis Champ - Sneakers Shoezels™

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    Redeem Points

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What Awaits you:

Personalised Offers: Tailored discounts and deals just for you!

Early Access: Be the first to shop new collections and limited editions.

Free Shopping: Enjoy complimentary worldwide shipping on all your orders.

Reward Points: Earn points on every purchase as well as certain actions and redeem them for exclusive rewards.

VIP Sales: Invitations to VIP-only sales.


You earn points for every dollar you spend, but you don't have to spend money to earn points. By taking certain actions you can also earn rewards.

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    Earn Reward Points For Leaving A Review

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    Every purchase you make earns points. The more you spend the more you save.

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    Something as simple as visiting the store can earn you points.

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Redeem Points

Once you’ve earned some points, you can redeem them with any purchase. All you need to do is apply the points you’d like to use at checkout.

*Shoezels reserves the right to change the value of points at any time and without warning. In addition, the rewards offered can be changed and removed at any time. The value of a point is not set. Customers are advised to use their points swiftly to avoid disappointment. Points are only valid for one year from the time they were issued. The rewards program can be amended or stopped at any time and for any reason.